Svyaztransneft Providing Reliable Communication in Diesel Spill Elimination Zone in Krasnoyarsk Territory

Date of publication: 11 June 2020

Svyaztransneft is providing operational communications for Transneft Siberia’s emergency rescue teams eliminating the consequences of the diesel fuel spill in Krasnoyarsk Territory.

The team of the Western Siberia branch of Svyaztransneft (Tyumen) arrived at the emergency response site (section of the petroleum products contaminated zone on the Ambarnaya River) on 7 June. The people and equipment were transported by two helicopters from Surgut. 63 units of equipment, materials, instruments and measuring tools with the total weight of 550 kg were delivered to the site of works.

The branch employees deployed a satellite station to provide telephone and fax services, access to a computer network was organised. To provide mobile radio communications, a TETRA standard base station was deployed.

The personnel eliminating the consequences of the accident use explosion-proof radio stations (with reliable protection against explosions, moisture and dust), which allow them to communicate with one another.

Currently, an engineer of the communication networks technical support section and a telecommunication engineer of the emergency preventive group are working at the site of the accident. The team monitors and controls the operation of the equipment, providing reliable communications to the rescue teams of Transneft Siberia at the site of the accident.