Repairs of 3 Antenna-Mast Structures Completed at Svyaztransneft’s Irtysh Region Branch

Date of publication: 24 October 2019

Overhaul of three antenna-mast structures (AMS) has been completed at the Irtysh Region Industrial Communication Directorate (Omsk) of Svyaztransneft.

The works were being carried out since May 2019 under Svyaztransneft’s overhaul programme. The AMS are located in Uyarsky and Ilansky Districts of Krasnoyarsk Territory at junction relay station 22, intermediate relay station 28, and at the Bushuyevo communication centre of Tyumen Region. The masts’ height is 88, 50 and 89 metres respectively. The facilities provide technological communications for the Omsk – Irkutsk and Ust-Balyk – Omsk oil pipelines of Transneft Western Siberia.

Anti-corrosion coating of the antenna pylons was restored using modern organic silicate materials with increased adhesion to metal and resistance to weathering, which increases the reliability of the metal structures. The restored color code of the AMS increases flight safety for aircrafts passing above the area where the high-rise facilities are situated.

Paving around the pylons’ foundations and onsite structures were repaired. This allows to effectively drain surface water, improves the operating conditions of the foundations, increases the reliability and safety of the facilities.