Svyaztransneft Commissions Electric Power Transmission Line at Oil Pipeline Facility in Tomsk Region

Date of publication: 26 September 2019

A new overhead transmission line has been put into operation at the Siberian Industrial Communication Directorate of Svyaztransneft at the Vertikos radio-relay station of the Aleksandrovskaya – Anzhero-Sudzhensk oil trunk pipeline of Transneft Central Siberia.

The new electric power transmission line with a total length of 0.6 km was built in order to replace the obsolete overhead transmission line. The works in Kargasoksky District of Tomsk Region have been carried out since April 2019 as part of Svyaztransneft’s technical upgrading programme. Modern materials were used for high-voltage external electrical networks that meet international standards were used for the construction.

The electric power transmission line rests on metal pylons with a protective anti-corrosion coating applied by cold galvanising. The pylons are mechanically strengthened, more resistant to wind loads and have corrosion protection. The aerial bundled cables have increased strength, lower losses and allow to reduce the area of protected zone necessary for the operation of high-voltage lines that run through forests.