Svyaztransneft Finishes Technical Upgrading of Line Telemechanics Communications System of Luginetskoye – Parabel Oil Pipeline

Date of publication: 02 April 2019 Print

The Siberian branch of Svyaztransneft has completed technical upgrading of the line telemechanics communications system of the Luginetskoye – Parabel oil trunk pipeline (Tomsk Region).

The new communications system, organised with the help of base stations with wireless broadband access, enables all types of process and operational communications at control and monitoring stations (CMS) of the oil trunk pipeline.

The works began in February 2017. As part of the project, the 166 km of the Luginetskoye – Parabel pipeline saw the installation of 11 antenna-mast structures as well as the assembly of 44 broadband base stations and 30 access switches. Process equipment is installed at six communications centres, 11 CMS as well as at Luginetskoye pumping station.

Currently, joint works are being carried out with specialists of Transneft Central Siberia to switch communications channels to the new equipment.

The commissioning of the new process line provides Transneft Central Siberia with high-speed broadband channels of process and operational communications as well as enables modern multi-services, and communication through two independent channels allows for full redundancy of channels and services of the automated process control systems for oil trunk pipelines. The equipment of the new communications network is connected to the unified control and monitoring system of Svyaztransneft.