Volga and Kama Branch of Svyaztransneft Commissions IP Automatic Telephone Exchanges

Date of publication: 11 February 2019 Print

A project was implemented at Volga and Kama Production and Technical Directorate of Svyaztransneft to commission IP automatic telephone exchanges (IP-ATE) at Mikhailovka, Bugulma, Belaya, Almetievsk and Kovali communications centres (CC), located in the Republic of Tatarstan.  

As part of the project, outdated digital ATEs were replaced with modern IP-ATEs built on the basis of next-generation network (NGN) architecture, which is characterised by three separate levels of connection based on functional tasks, allowing to use packet switching, a multi-purpose transport network technology.

The new ATEs are intended for development of Svyaztransneft’s dedicated automatic telephone communication network. The ATEs are consolidated into a single voice network, which has increased the quality of voice information transmitted and the availability of additional communication services, and also enabled centralised control and monitoring through the existing system. An automated workstation (AWS) with specialised client software is provided for local monitoring and control of ATE equipment. Communication between an AWS and the control and monitoring system’s servers is performed through Svyaztransneft’s technological network.