Svyaztransneft Installs Equipment for New Communications Link

Date of publication: 31 October 2018 Print

Installation and setting up of data transmission equipment for information systems of an oil trunk pipeline within the sections from Palkino oil pumping station (PS) to Inyakino PS and from Torzhok PS to Borisovo PS has been completed by Svyaztransneft's Upper Volga branch (Yaroslavl).

The works have been carried out during the final stage of construction of a fiber-optic communications link (FOCL) within the section between Palkino and Andriapol communications centres in three regions: Yaroslavl, Tver and Pskov Region.

The construction was launched in September 2017. So far, 430 km out of the planned 460 km of fiber-optic cable have been laid. After the last 30 km of the fiber-optic cable are laid, commissioning works will begin within the sections from Inyakino communications centre (CS) to Torzhok CS and from Borisovo CS to Andreapol CS. Commissioning of the FOCL is scheduled for March 2019.

The communications link being constructed will exceed the existing Southern Balyk - Polotsk copper-wire cable line in view of performance. New up-to-date routers, SDH multiplexers and SIP servers with IP gateways were installed.

Implementation of the new fiber-optic communications link will ensure data transmission at the rate of 10 Gbit per second, which will by far improve the quality of communication services provided to Transneft Baltic.