Svyaztransneft starts construction of a fibre-optic communications link for three oil pipelines

Date of publication: 21 June 2018 Print

The Volga and Kama branch of Svyaztransneft (based in Kazan) has started construction of a fibre-optic communications link (FOCL) along the Almetievsk – Kuibyshev 1, Almetievsk – Kuibyshev 2 and Kaltasy – Kuibyshev (the Samara – Almetievsk section) oil trunk pipelines.

The FOCL, which will be equipped with a synchronous transport module (STM-64) will cover more than 280 kilometres and run through the Republic of Tatarstan and Samara Region.

The FOCL is being constructed as part of Svyaztransneft’s technical upgrading programme. At the moment, the equipment sets are being delivered to arrange communications and data transmission at 55 telemetry checkpoints (TCPs) and four communications centres. By late December 2018 it is planned to finish installation and start-up of telecommunications equipment kits at all construction sites.

Commissioning of the new FOCL will enable Transneft Kama Region to arrange process control of oil trunk pipelines, provide maintenance divisions with high speed broadband production and process communications links, plus provide redundant communications links for oil trunk pipelines. Besides, provision of modern multiple system services will be enabled.

After the FOCL is constructed, it shall become part of Svyaztransneft’s corporate communications network. The equipment being installed shall be connected to the unified control and monitoring system (UCMS) of Svyaztransneft (Moscow).