Middle Ob branch of Svyaztransneft finished revamping of the engineering communication system of Noyabrsk and Surgut Directorates of Transneft Siberia

Date of publication: 04 December 2017 Print

Middle Ob branch of Svyaztransneft (Surgut) finished construction and assembly works as part of revamping of the industrial-engineering communication (IEC) system of Noyabrsk and Surgut Oil Trunk Pipeline Directorates (OTPD) of Transneft Siberia. Construction has been performed in Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area - Yugra and Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Area since October 2016 in accordance with the communication network technical upgrading and revamping programme of Svyaztransneft.

A modern high-speed main digital radio relay communication line (DRRCL) was constructed instead of the outdated radio relay line at the section with the length of almost 420 km for Noyabrsk and Surgut OTPD. Delivery capacity of the new DRRCL was increased from 32 Mbps to 300 Mbps.

13 basic stations of mobile radio communication network of TETRA standard were constructed, which secured covering Tarasovskoe - Muravlenkovskoe and Kholmogory - Klin oil trunk pipelines with modern radio communication. Besides, three new communications centres were constructed along Kholmogory - Klin OTP.  Revamping of the existing radio telephony systems of DECT standard was performed at two PS of Noyabrsk OTPD and Noyabrsk district control centre (DCC). New automatic telephone stations (ATS) were installed at Purpe PS and Noyabrsk DCC. Due to broadband access, communication channels were organized for automation of transferring pipeline telemetry (PT) data of Transneft Siberia from the CMS (control and monitoring station).

All the communication facilities are equipped with modern security and protection systems - perimetral alarm system, video control system, automated gaseous fire suppression. Monitoring signals of the security systems are displayed at Noyabrsk and Surgut DCC.