Middle Ob branch of Svyaztransneft continues construction of a high-speed communications link as part of the unified information system of Transneft

Date of publication: 13 July 2017 Print

Middle Ob industrial and technological communication directorate of Svyaztransneft (Surgut) continues construction of the second phase of the high-speed fiber-optic communications link (FOCL) at the section Demiyansk – Tomsk located in Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous area – Yugra.  The works are conducted from December 2015 as part of programme of development of the corporate data communication network for building the unified information system (UIS) of Transneft.

The new construction facility will consist of two segments: fiber-optic and radio-relay communications links (RRCL).  Total length of the FOCL is equal to 238 km, length of the RRCL is equal to 350 km. As the result, four oil pipelines of Transneft Siberia (Samotlor – Nizhnevartovsk, Nizhnevartovsk – Kurgan – Kuybyshev, Urievskaya – Yuzhny Balyk, Povkh – Pokachi – Urievskaya) will be provided with high-speed modern communication services.

At the present time 212 km of fiber-optic cable (FOC) with capacity of 10 Gb/s have been laid.  The dense wavelength division multiplexing technology (DWDM) is used to increase the capacity. The route passes through swampland, but using special equipment allows laying fiber cable in summer.

At the same time construction of the radio-relay communications link, organization of radio transmission systems, broadband radio access and radio-modem systems are performed.  Construction and assembly works are conducted at six construction sites located in Nizhnevartosky, Surgutsky and Nefteyugansky Districts.  At the present time 35 AMS (antenna-mast structures) with the height of 25 to 100 metres have been constructed, 11 communications shelters have been installed, assembly of radio communication equipment of TETRA standard is conducted.   Besides, active equipment for organizing communication and data communication and power plants have been assembled.
In total 46 new communication facilities, including overhead transmission lines and transformer substations, perimeter fencings equipped with security and alarm systems, are planned to be constructed.

Commissioning of the new communication link at the section Demiyansk – Tomsk will provide Transneft Siberia with the whole range of modern digital communication services using Ethernet, SDH, DWDM technologies, as well as the possibility of organizing radio communication channels of TETRA standard, transferring high quality video content.  Access to high-speed communication channels will be opened for the entities of Transneft system, high level of control for the condition and working capacity of oil trunk pipelines of Transneft Siberia will be secured.
Commissioning of the high-speed communications link at the section Demiyansk – Tomsk is planned for August 2018.