Svyaztransneft, JSC has Commissioned Parabel – Igolsko-Talovoe DRRIS

Date of publication: 05 June 2015 Print

Third stage of Parabel – Igolsko-Talovoe united Digital radio relay information system (DDRIS) program has been implemented in the Siberian branch office of Svyaztransneft, JSC (Tomsk). Therefore, construction of high-speed state of the art communication system has been completed along the trunk oil pipeline having the same name. Overall length of radio relay route on all the stages is 428 kilometers.

Owing to well organized work of branch office departments continuously monitoring project construction, equipment suppliers, and installation teams building of radio relay communication line has taken eight months – work has been held from October 2014 till May 2015.

Building was carried out under severe climatic condition of the Western Siberia and seven of nine facilities being provided with radio relay equipment had a hard-to-reach location. Basic scope of work related to material and equipment supply, involving construction machinery at these facilities was carried out during winter roads use. Taking into account that this year this period was shorter than usually due to the weather conditions, material and resource supply was conducted in the intensive mode. Three radio relay stations (RRS) were provided with container units and diesel power stations, which also were assembled and commissioned. All hard-to-reach facilities were provided with petroleum, oil, and lubricants necessary for operating diesel power stations in case of planned and emergency de-energization of power supply lines in this period. The rest of the time aviation was involved for resource delivery.

New DDRIS is provided with up to date radio relay equipment of wireless products with a system of antenna spatial distribution and adaptive signal modulation ensuring high quality and stability of communication. Data transfer and multiplexing equipment is installed on the line as well.

Modernizing of Parabel – Igolskoe – Talovoe pipeline communication network will allow providing the departments of Transneft – Central Siberia, JSC with reliable and quality high-speed communication in compliance with all the modern requirements to electric communication networks.