Svyaztransneft, JSC Hosts Another Contest for the Title of «The Best Professional»

Date of publication: 22 May 2015 Print

The Volga-Kama branch (the City of Kazan) hosted the second stage of the competition for the title of «The Best Professional» among truck drivers of Svyaztransneft, JSC. It was attended by the winners of the first stage, which was held in the regions: representatives of 13 Industrial Communication Departments (ICDs) of the company.

When opening the event, Yevgeny Azanov, Chief Engineer of the Volga-Kama branch of Svyaztransneft, JSC, warmly welcomed the participants and wished them success in the competitions.

The contest traditionally includes a theoretical and a practical parts. Within the former part, the drivers demonstrated their knowledge of the design and components of a truck, occupational safety requirements in the course of operation and maintenance of vehicles, as well as their ability to resolve technical problems skillfully and demonstrated their knowledge of traffic rules.

The most spectacular was the second stage of the competition, which was held at the motor-vehicle testing course. Drivers competed in the high-speed figure driving and performed such figures as «box», «eight curve», «S-turn», «gate», «corridor», «large and small courtyards», and others.

Deservedly, the undisputed leader was Igor Chukhno, the driver of the Volga-Kama branch and a repeated participant and winner of professional contests of Svyaztransneft, JSC. In 2010, he was already ranked first in the competition among the drivers of Transneft, JSC. The second place was awarded to Yury Lyakhov of Oka Region Industrial Communication Department (the City of Ryazan) while the third place went to Sergey Nikulin from the Far East Branch (the City of Khabarovsk).

Besides, by mid-June 2015, the winners of the contest for the title of «The Best Assembler of Fiber-Optic Communication Lines» will be determined. In addition to theoretical knowledge, assemblers will have to demonstrate their ability to weld optical fibers, which requires the skill and the precision of a jeweler. The procedure is performed under a microscope with the use of fiber aligning (adjustment) manipulators.

The contest is designed to raise the status of the working profession, opens prospects for professional growth, and promotes the formation of healthy competition in the labor collective.

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