Reconstruction of Substations of Parabel and Strezhevoy Telecommunication Shops

Date of publication: 06 April 2015 Print

Parabel and Strezhevoy telecommunication shops (TCS) of Siberia branch of Svyaztransneft, JSC commenced construction and assembly operations on installation of external complete transformer substations (ECTS).

New equipment manufactured on the basis of domestic components will be installed at nine existing radio-relay station sites. All transformer substations will be equipped with modern means of protection against over-voltage and with electric power meters.

This equipment will be connected to the existing monitoring system of Svyaztransneft, JSC in the regional (the City of Tomsk) and in the main (the City of Moscow) monitoring centers. This will allow to obtain data on the following external network parameters: voltage, current, frequency, and power. Moreover, this will enable the monitoring of electric energy consumption and the condition of circuit breakers and surge arresters.

Completion of reconstruction of the power facilities in Parabel and Strezhevoy TCS is scheduled for September of 2015.