Svyaztransneft, JSC, Put the First Stage of the Zapolyarye – Purpe Communication Network into Operation

Date of publication: 30 December 2014 Print

The Sredne-Obsky Branch (Surgut) of Svyaztransneft, JSC, launched a new communication network in the section of the first construction stage of the Zapolyarye – Purpe pipeline system.

The fiber-optic line about 200 kilometers long was built by installation of the fiber-optic cable on transmission towers (FOCL-OHL). The network services 14 new facilities of Transneft Siberia, JSC, which are located in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District.

The control and monitoring of the facilities of the new oil trunk pipeline of Transneft Siberia, JSC, will be supported by all the required services, including operational dispatch communication, telephone communication, TETRA-compliant mobile radio system, data transmission network, video-conferencing, etc.

The new line is connected to the centralized system of network monitoring and control (CSMC) of Svyaztransneft, JSC, which is designed as a centralized automated system consolidating information about the operating condition of the facilities and is essential for maintaining the network in operable condition. The connection to CSMC makes the new communication network accessible for administering from the Regional Control Center (RCC) of the branch in Surgut.

At the moment, the construction work is in full swing in the Arctic Region; workers are building the second stage of the communication network in the oil pipeline section from the oil heating station (OHS) 358 km to the oil pump station – PS-2. By the New Year holiday, about 70 kilometers of FOCL-OHL had been mounted on the transmission towers by using the suspension method of the self-carrying cable. Other construction works include building of antenna-mast structures (AMS) and other communication facilities. The total length of the second-stage section of the Zapolyarye – Purpe network will be more than 200 kilometers. Its putting into operation is expected by the end of 2015.