Overhauling of Antenna Supports in the Priirtyshskoye ICD of Svyaztransneft, JSC

The Priirtyshskoye Industrial Communication Department (ICD) of Svyaztransneft, JSC (Omsk), finalized the overhauling of six antenna mast structures (AMS) located in the village of Kormilovka, at forwarding radio-relay stations Voskresenka, Akimo-Annenka, Bogotol, Kritovo, and the Achinsk communications center. The three masts are 60 meters high, the other three are 40 m, 70 m and 88 m high, respectively.

A New Automatic Fire Alarm System Brought Online at Urals Branch of Svyaztransneft, JSC

The new fire alarm systems at communications centers of Sineglazovo (Chelyabinsk telecommunications shop), Kalmash (Chekmagush TC) and the industrial base of the Chelyabinsk TC were brought online at the Urals Industrial Communication Department of Svyaztransneft, JSC. The construction was performed in the scope of the technical upgrading program.