About the Company

Joint-Stock Company «Oil Transportation and Production Telecommunications» (Svyaztransneft, JSC) is a subsidiary of Transneft, JSC registered on September 16, 1994 by the Moscow Registration Chamber. The company is the only network integrator and communication operator in the oil pipeline industry.

Documents regulating the Company’s governing bodies:



Company’s lines of business:

  • Providing all types of technological, operational and production communications to oil transportation and extraction facilities in accordance with the rules of technical operation of oil trunk pipelines.
  • Providing communication services to legal entities and individuals pursuant to the applicable laws.
  • Carrying out foreign economic operations, including providing technological, operational and production communications for oil export transportation purposes.
  • Developing and operating communication networks: technical maintenance, design, construction and reconstruction, overhaul, and commissioning.
  • Operation and technical maintenance of security and fire alarm systems.
  • Performing other communication-related activities.

The Company’s priority objectives include digitizing the communication network to create the Company’s single information space. In addition, the Company aims at forming a multiservice corporate network and implementing the single institutional data transmission network on its base, preserving and improving technological and operational reliability, resilience and efficiency of the system of technological oil transportation management.

The company’s foundation story is closely related to the history of developing the country’s oil deposits. In 2014, Svyaztransneft, JSC celebrated its 65th anniversary.

At present, specialists of Svyaztransneft, JSC maintain over 48 thousand km of communication lines, including communication cables with metal wiring, radio relay lines, fiber optic communication lines.

Svyaztransneft subdivisions include 13 branches offering a wide range of telecommunication services to oil and gas companies, other entities, and individuals in more than 60 regions of Russia (including provision of technological, operational and production communication to oil export transportation facilities) under licenses issued by the Ministry of Information Technologies and Communications of the Russian Federation.